Traditionally IT companies focus on the time spent performing work for their clients. This makes it difficult to estimate labour charges before work is performed, thus rewarding IT companies that work slowly, rather than those that perform work efficiently.

This is where the Service Level Agreement of TechMed is unique and differs from other IT companies. Our approach focuses on tasks and outcomes for you - not the time taken to perform the work.

  • We ensure quality as well as accountability for our work.

  • We strive to maintain and develop our expertise and professionalism.

Service Level Options

We have tailored Service Level Agreements (SLA) to suit the different needs of your practice.

The TechMed SLA forms the backbone of the relationship between TechMed and your practice.

The SLA is based on a simple concept. A range of tasks, outcomes and regular maintenance will be performed under the scope of the SLA, rather than basing the fee on the number of hours worked.

Thus, TechMed make a commitment to you, ensuring work is performed efficiently and that the performance of your network is always at its peak.